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Iowa Hybrid Bees

Are you ready to try a different breed of bee? If you want something gentle, productive, and extremely hardy in Iowa, look no further than Bell Farm Iowa Hybrid Bees. We have been raising and grafting our own queens since 2016, with very high success rates in overwintering. We select strongly for gentleness, honey production, low mite counts, and winter hardiness. Because we graft our own queens and they are open mated, all our bees are considered an Iowa Hybrid breed. They do exceptionally well in our Iowa climate!

What people are saying...

"The Bell Farm produces VERY high quality honey bees! We purchased four queens from the Bell Farm as queens for our splits. We have been so impressed with their docile nature, great honey production, and we're hopeful for their success at overwintering in Iowa! Ellen is a great person to work with, very knowledgeable, and has been great at answering our questions about raising bees. I highly, highly recommend the Bell Farm for your honey bee needs!!"

-Kelsey W.

"New Beekeeper this year and purchased two nucs with new Queens. They are all doing great. I would highly recommend Ellen and her bees. We will be adding more next year."

-James B.

"Purchased a nucleus hive recently - and queen bee previously - excellent all around

and their service is outstanding - Mr & Mrs Bell are great people to do business with -- highly recommended."

-James T.

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