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Frame of Brood & Bees

Frame of Brood & Bees

Do you have a weak hive that needs a boost? Or are you looking to expand your number of colonies, but want a less expensive way to purchase bees? Now, you can purchase frames of brood and bees ala carte! 


When you purchase a frame of brood and bees, you will receive one deep (9-1/8") frame of healthy brood of various stages and plenty of clinging bees attached to the frame to care for the brood. 


One single deep frame densely covered in brood will generally equate to about 3 frames worth of bee coverage once the brood emerges, making this an easy and inexpensive way to boost a weak or struggling hive.


If you're looking to start a new hive and you are open to letting the bees raise their own queen, you can purchase a few frames of brood as a walk away split to save money. This is a particularly good option if you're looking to replace a deadout hive, and you have plenty of frames of drawn comb and resources to help them get started.  (Helpful hint: Be sure to visit our Walk Away Split Calculator to get organized and pin down all the important dates for your new colony!)


Please note that a box for transporting frames is not included. If you need to purchase a nuc box, please add that here. If you do not add a nuc box to your order, we will expect that you'll bring your own box to take your frames home in.


Optional: If you let us know the intended purpose of your frame(s), we will select the best possible brood frame for your needs. For example, if you are looking to boost the population of a weak hive, we will give you as much capped brood as possible. If you want to make a walk away split, we will be sure to give you eggs and young larvae for the bees to use in raising their own queen.


Frames of brood will be available for pickup beginning in April 2024. Pre-order today and we'll notify you when they're ready for pickup!



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