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Post-Swarm Date Calculator

Did your hive recently swarm? Input the date that the (primary) swarm left, and then look below for information about the dates generated by the calculator.



Date virgin queen emerges - This is also be the date that the hive may cast out a secondary swarm (meaning a swarm that contains a virgin queen) so be on the lookout for that.

Orientation flights - Your virgin queen will take a series of orientation flights on these days.

Queen mating flight window - Your virgin queen should go on her mating flight sometime within this 3 day window, weather permitting. Avoid moving the hive or changing anything about its appearance during this time.

Check colony for presence of eggs - The queen may begin laying before this date, but we suggest waiting until this date to start looking for eggs.

Start of OA 2 day treatment window - When a colony has swarmed, there will be a window of approximately 2 days when the hive has little to no capped brood. This is an ideal time to kill mites by treating your hive with oxalic acid.

Combine with Queenright colony - If you still don't see eggs by this date, we would suggest combining your hive with another colony to avoid laying workers.

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