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Wintering Bees Successfully - Zoom Class

Wintering Bees Successfully - Zoom Class

No matter how many years you’ve been keeping bees, if you have struggled with keeping your hives alive over winter, this is the class for you!


In this online course, Ellen Bell of Bell Farm will cover how and when she begins preparing her hives for winter, and exactly what steps she takes to ensure their health and survival. Topics of discussion will include mite treatment, moisture control, insulation and hive wrapping, fall feeding, winter feeding, and more.


Wintering Bees Successfully is an online Zoom class. We will teach the course live over Zoom on Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 7 pm Central time. It is estimated that the class will run 2.5 to 3 hours. We welcome your participation and questions! Can't attend the live Zoom class on July 23? No worries! The class will also be recorded, and all students will have access to view the recording later.


Why take this class from us? Ellen has been wintering bees in Iowa for a decade, running on average roughly 100 hives each winter. The average winter survival rate in our operation is 95% or better every year. Our methods have consistenly helped other beekeepers to improve their wintering abilities as well!

  • Testimonials from past students...

    “Highly recommend! Both my hives survived last winter with Ellen’s guidance!”

    —Mikayla C.


    “I took this class & had 100% survival rate last winter!”

    — Emily D.


    "I took it last year and it is a don't miss class. She is a great bee keeper and teacher."

    — Jerry V.


    "This is an excellent class, my bees made it through the winter because I took this class and learned what to do. I highly recommend it."

    — Jenia L.

  • A note about your location...

    Beekeeping is a highly localized endeavor. Ellen’s expertise, and the focus of this class, is in wintering bees in Iowa; however, the techniques discussed can be applied to any similar climate. For that reason, this class is open to anyone who wants to take it, regardless of your location. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the dates mentioned in the class to apply to your own location and seasonal timeline.

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